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....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: The Banker (200.59.17.---)
Date: May 9, 2009 06:16PM

The Costa Rica Online Gaming License per se does not really exist…....

What you really receive is Government Data Processing License that permits your company to LEGALLY have your GAMING Servers and optional call center located in Costa Rica

Our company has a brick annd motar office located in San Jose and we offer the gaming company looking for a Costa Rican Governement issue data processing license a ........100% turnkey set up...... that includes a Cost Rican Registered Company and we will arrange for Government data processing license to be issued in yout company's name...Total Package Price is $2,880...

Once you do a search to compare our pricing you will see most competitors charge over $5,000.00 for the same package and our competitors do not offer the optional service to help with setting up in Costa Rica

Plus if you do decide to actual open a physical call center in Costa Rica we have an in house commercial real estate department that will assist you in opening your call center in the right area of San Jose.

In addition we can staff you call center for you with experienced gaming call center agents for an extra consulting fee based on the size of the call center staffing requirements.

In addition our real estate division can arrange for you buy or rent an executive home or condo in a safe and secure neighborhood plus we can arrange for a 24/7 armed personal protection detail if this level of personal security is required.

We can also personally introduce your company to what we consider the top hosting company in Costa Rica

Plus our processing company can also set your company up with a VERY SPECIAL Credit Card Processing Solution for the American marketplace


Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: The Banker (190.241.144.---)
Date: July 6, 2009 03:35PM

CR license UPDATE

......Please log onto and send us an email if you want additional info.....Please do not post a reply or send us a PM.....

The Banker

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: George2003 (94.76.110.---)
Date: November 6, 2009 05:54PM

Dear Laurence,
What will be the total costs for Costa Rica full nominee service offshore company formation with license for online casino?
And next year total maintenance payments?
Sincerely Yours

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: The Banker (
Date: November 6, 2009 06:04PM


Please reply to my direct email address that you have... i do not do not discuse business on a public forum


Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: George2003 (94.76.110.---)
Date: November 6, 2009 06:33PM

Well, but i don`t have Your E-mail, it is hidden :-(
My is: Would You please send direct letter to this?

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: arthursam65 (
Date: November 9, 2009 02:13AM

Dear George

I did email you pertaining the company set-up in costa rica and the gambling lincense as it cost you $2100 and the lawyer is a honest and he is the panel for the US embassy in Costa rica.Email me samsm006 at gmail dot com

Warm Regards
Arthur Samuel

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: The Banker (
Date: November 9, 2009 06:41PM

Hello Arthur

Posting a lower price to set up a CR gaming license on some one else’s thread to try poach some one else customers isNOT EXACTLY KOSHER.

We have been posting on this forum for 9 years and never ever had anyone do what you have done and there have been some major competitors try to make a run at us over the last 9 years but they always started their own thread to take run at us.

We must have 150 plus threads that we have started on SC over the years and not once before has until now has any one tried to poach any of our customers directly from any of our threads until now.

Actually I welcome Sam as business competitor on this forum but I only wished he had the business savvy to open his own tread instead of announcing to the world that he is now going to compete for our business on our thread......Over Anxious NEWBIES:-))) what else can we say

We are at $2,880 for the same solution as Sam is at $2,100. so lets compare offers .

1.We have been involved in offshore solutions for gaming merchants on this forum since Dec 01 and Sam, has been on this forum for two weeks or so and most of Arthurs postings seem to be that he wants to talk directly to a person that is in a US prison whose name is too hot to publish on a open gaming forum []

2.Our lawyers do not have any connections to the US embassy in CR….Sam’s lawyer is on List of US Approved Lawyers for Costa Rica…

....VERY IMPORTANT...Now think about this.....

...You are setting up a CR company to set up CR license to host a online gaming site in CR…....That in 90% of the situations.... will want to process US credit card transactions.....and you are giving all your personal information...along with a full list of your URLs..... to a lawyer that has a DIRECT Working Connection with the US Government.

3.Plus our solution comes with ability to accept all forums of US deposits

4.We have office set in CR and can keep on top of your application and Sam lives in Asia and is trying to find CHEAP software to open his own gaming operation

Now you can decide if we are worth the extra $780.00

The Banker

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: arthursam65 (118.100.124.---)
Date: November 10, 2009 05:44PM


Believe in the banker as he can't even use his own name went posting (L.Bartle).

Do want to believe in the L.Bartle went he ask me for my own lawyer contact details in our google chat's ?As he claims to be the expert in CR for 9 years but the question lias why needed my lawyers' details went you are the expert in CR?

And my lawyer is recomended from the British High Commission and US ,Canada governments so you won't be dubed with the Banker lawyer's as he tried to two bit hustle me with his lawyer for an incorporation fee of usd$7000 with the quotation he sent to me and he critized all Costa Rican lawyer's are crock's on our telephone conversation which i had recorded the conversation.

The question now will you want a lawyer who is recognize and trusted by diplomat's and in the list of foreign govenments and strictly confidential keep by client privilege even in gaming and register your company as a gaming company in the incorporation documents and not a data processing license which Banker is offering.And i too can provided facilites in payment processing in UK for free without the $2000 fee the banker is charging .

I will glad to sent you my emails corrsponding with the Banker and you can decided after reading the contents if he is truly honest?

My revise price is now $1600 for business incorporation and gaming permit in Costa Rica.I can lower my price for offshore incorporations in Seychelles $500,Belize $500,mauritius$900,BVI$800 and Caymen Islands $2400 and Anguilla.$560.Bank accounts in Standard Mauritius Bank for $300.

I can defiantely proof my case with the email corresponding with him,as he is not a sincere and dishonest person. Below is the email i sent him.


Why not address the issues' on hand as you tried to two bit hustle me crockery methods as i got in touch with you and the dishearten and disappointing part went i ask you via email and our phone conversation about incorporation's and patente in CR and the lawyer you refereed was usd $7.000 which you call him crazy but all along you were selling it at $2880 in SC forums?

The poker software is a poker network affiliations but you mention it was leasing the poker software system on our conversation and emails?So i will concluded you were trying to con the pant's out of myself !


Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: The Banker (200.59.17.---)
Date: November 10, 2009 07:49PM

Hi Arthur

You sure are in an angry must be having a REAL BAD hair day in Malaysia...

I welcomed you in my posting above as competitor of mine to this forum with open arms even though you are attempting to STEAL "my" thread out from underneath me with your first posting above.

For some reason your postings here on MY Thread have now becaome very aggressive towards me and we have never had even one business dealing together expect we exchanged some business emails concering you wanting cheap gaming software.

I am only imagine the rage..that you could unlease against another person if any business dealings went south between you and another person

Arthur it seems that I am the one that should be angry as have broken every posting protocol...that there is for posting on a TREAD THAT YOU DID NOT START.

The ABSOLUTE none truths that you have posted above are unbelievable and will only hurt your business as it shows everyone that you seem to be a very angry and flustrated man
Arthur please do not forget the .....Real Reason you are angry with me is because .....after you tried to take over my thread..... i contacted you directly at your email address....and told you that I was severing my business dealings with you because of your first posting far as going forward with the FREE poker software for the new poker network that was finally launching on NOV 15th from a new EU gaming company.....

I know i told you it was launching in Oct but a software delay pushed back launch back to Nov 15...I am only stating this delay because i know you are going to respond that I lied to you about the launch date.....

.......PLEASE remember i have copy of the email......with you are apologizing to me about your first posting above ....saying that you were SORRY and did not know i was the banker ( TOTAL BS) plus I have all the other emails concerning our software negotiations...

NOW SUDDENLY after i told you to stuff it as far as getting the free poker network software becaue of your first posting above you have started to post angry and aggressive postings about me........

HUM.....I wonder if loosing FREE POKER Network Software made you angry enough to try to rain on my parade...

Arthur let me 100% assure you my parade is very, very long and I can assure you that you do not have enough rain to cover even 5% of my parade

Arthur....I love the fact that you are being aggressive towards me.. because with anonymous forum postings.... where no one knows who any one eles really is for sure ...always seem to bring out the true agessive nature in some posters' personality and i am sure ever reader of this thread will eaisly figure what your true business personality is

Arthur I still wish you all the best in trying to make a living on this forum.


Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: arthursam65 (
Date: November 11, 2009 03:00AM


I not angry at him but disappointed with him and here is the email dated Nov 9,2009 he apologize to me and he lie's alot believe as why should i apologize to him?You figure my audience's went he can't use his real name nor post his email address and claims he never use alias go figure.

I am tired to play L.Bartle games of deceptions and lies.I wish L.Bartle if that is his real name the best of luck in whom ever alia's he use banker,superman,ninja turtle,casher,Hugh Grant,CEO ,Director.Lawyer and etc's

L Bartle <>
toSam Sam <>

dateMon, Nov 9, 2009 at 11:47 PM
subjectRe: your posting on my start casino thread

hide details Nov 9 (1 day ago)

Arthur you have destroyed a sourcee of income for me and no matter if you did not know it was me and i really find that hard to believe since for the 9 YEARS I have posted on SC I have only used ONE Alias.....ONE ALIAS.......... Besides no one that has any type of business savy would post a better price on thread started by some one else.....

What would you call me if i destroyed one of your business that makes me $30,000 plus or minus per year in Licensing fees plus another $75,000 in credit card processing income in the first year from these sites I arrange to set up their licenses.

I apologize for the Cockroach implications but Now I now have to protect my interests on SC......since you posting will always be on my thread.


Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: arthursam65 (
Date: November 13, 2009 05:02AM

New price for incorporation in Costa rica at only $1000 including the data processing license and the price can me lowered even further.

Warm Regards
Arthur Samuel
CEO of Tech Global @#$%&

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: banana rama (
Date: January 13, 2010 09:27AM


Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: elninho (85.222.163.---)
Date: January 14, 2010 01:58PM

I have a online poker software that has just been developed enough to go in the market. Other Malta, Gibraltar, etc. licenses are demanding a full source code checkup but our software is not yet closed since there are several options and functionalities that we would like to add. If we decide to apply for Malta licence for example, we will need to pay a checkup fee for every upgrade of a software so the hell with Malta - we want Costa Rica. I would like that somebody contact me on kajzerslose at yahoo com , and tell me the details about getting my poker software on the servers in Costa Rica, as soon as possible.

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: Ttannourji (
Date: January 15, 2010 05:29AM

I am interested in buying a multyplayer poker turnkey solution (platform).
please send me a message through startcasino if you have a state of the art complete solution. Thanks

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: NewMedia (
Date: February 2, 2010 01:27AM

Hi there Arthur Samuel.

So what does that price exactly include?

Thanks in advance.

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: vegastechnology (
Date: February 12, 2010 08:36PM

Arthur Samuel is a scammer, as you clearly see in previous posts he tries to hijack the treath and steal TheBanker (wich is legit on this forums for years)
his offer

don't do business with Arthur Samuel youll get donked so badly!!!!

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: Lumix (125.206.208.---)
Date: March 28, 2010 12:47PM

Some sites are saying that a Data Processing license is no longer valid, and you now have to obtain an actual gambling license in Costa Rica.

Please clarify. Is it no longer possible to obtain a "Data Processing License" (or register company is Costa Rica), and obtain a reliable merchant account in the EU?

Is Costa Rica still the best "budget" solution, or are there any other recommendations?

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: shan4046 (190.241.227.---)
Date: March 29, 2010 02:27AM

Hi Banker please email me at I need your email address. I am working on a business project I think you could help me on.

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: arthursam65 (
Date: April 3, 2010 10:56AM


I can indeed assist with the costa rican license at cheapest rate via checking our website ,as we have a great second life /gambling team game went you click software games title view the the poker table design and the avater character on the interactive design in it as own by us ,and one are from our partner .

We provide credit sussie processor .Do you still want to trust the banker! From the many fraud case's below?

The following report from SBR says it all


“people, bettango is just bullshit!
i promise you the owner is the one that posts all those nice things about bettango, i am totally sure about it, im not just guessing.
do not believe in anything good they say here about them.
these guys are the same scammers from, who stole all the players money like 3 or 4 years ago.
the owner’s name is johnny vargas and he is from costa rica and another guy from canada laurence bartle, they are located in a big house in escazu, they barely have employees, i believe is like one more person that helps them take care of the livechat and emails and all that.
they will not give you your money back at all. trust me”

These characters Johnny Vargas & Lawrence Bartle are notoriously well known in Costa Rica and are associated with a myriad of scam sportsbooks including Bet Met and Bet Tango to name a few.

Canadian – “Lawrence Bartle” aka William Bartle aka “The Banker” who connects to the internet from ip address who resides in Costa Rica with no status or papers is infamous for trying to sell people credit card processing services while attempting to charge outrageous up front fees. I am sure most experienced, and professional bookmakers would not fall for such antics.

A person using the name “James Green” even tried to post comments here on our site defending Bet Tango from the very same IP address mentioned above.

The latest operation being run by these two is called Safe Cashier and we would recommend avoiding at all costs along with of course Bet Tango and any other operations associated with this cast of characters.


Edited 1 times. Last edit at 04/04/10 03:29AM by arthursam65.

Re: ....Costa Rica Gaming License ......
Posted by: The Banker (200.59.17.---)
Date: April 3, 2010 03:55PM

Hi Arthur

I see that you have still learned any Business School ethics as you have still not figured out that you actually should set up your own thread to look for new business rather than continue to try hijack my thread as you have been trying to to since last fall.

Arthur I checked your new web site that you have listed above and i see that you are now charging a $4,000 for a CR license.

On my thread above you posted also $2,100 and then you reduced it to $1,000 for the same CR license....that you are now charging $4,000.

We have one price of $2,880.00 no matter how much money the client has in the bank as you seem to have a sliding scale that moves up or down based on the money you think the client has.....

Plus our lawyers do not do work for the US Government in Costa Rica as your have proudly stated that your lawyer does.

As far as credit card processing goes we also offer a Credit Sussie rate a preferred volume buy rate of 3.45% based on the bank's underwriting of the merchant but we prefer to use other banks that do not require as much due merchant due diligence as CS.

Arthur as I said before..... I welcome you as competitor on this forum..... and wish you every success in all your business ventures....... but if you want to find new business...... please be a honorable I am sure you can be, being from Asia and stop trying to continue to hijack my thread.

The Banker

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