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Beware of vegastechnology/Jerone/Yarron alias conman
Posted by: arthursam65 (
Date: March 6, 2010 06:02AM


Here is my recent gtalk chat with Terrence Evans dated the 5th March 2010 the accomplish in Canada working under the Jerone.

Anynoe who has been con by Jeroon/vegastechnology please PM has i can forward you his personal details ,passport,address,phone number and etc's

3:13 PM TERRANCE: you were right about yaroon
me: why?
3:14 PM TERRANCE: hey processed payments through my accounts and scamed the people
the people are out not me
3:18 PM me: are the people scamed coming after you?
3:19 PM TERRANCE: not sure but i'm covered
3:20 PM me: but you are involved mate and most of them will come after the associate too.
TERRANCE: i have a disclosure

What puzzled myself went clients choose to still deal with vegastechnology after being warn but maybe that should give their money to him instead !



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Re: Beware of vegastechnology/Jerone/Yarron alias conman
Posted by: vegastechnology (
Date: March 8, 2010 03:44PM

Stop doing this,

we clearly have legit customers, our company does not scam Arthur Samuel

Edited 2 times. Last edit at 03/08/10 03:47PM by vegastechnology.

Posted by: vegastechnology (
Date: March 8, 2010 05:49PM

[18:46:04] Terry Fraser: I spoke to Terrance
[18:47:13] Terry Fraser: says he has spent the money and wants to pay me back in services. I told him I wanted the money and would consider his services but he says does not have it so I would have to do this through legal channels
[18:47:32] Terry Fraser: that is where it is at.

Help! I'm a Software Refugee and I Need Sanctuary From Jerone Puttemans of VegasTechnology.US
Posted by: onready (
Date: March 8, 2010 07:23PM

In an effort to assist people in reclaim'ing wasted time & money, I am offering a refugee service to disillusioned webmasters out there. I understand and appreciate you as a client.

For what ever reason, you choose to use Jeroen's products for your website, and you've realized that the fancy sales site was a charade that masked his truely unprofessional business pratices. You are now a software refugee and looking for someone to help you fix your problems and migrate to a more robust, stable and bug-free platform.

If you are unfortunate enough to have been left high and dry by Jeroen, I am willing to step in and help recover your time and investment in your business. From discounted licenses to full database migration to one of my products, I'm here to assist you and put your business back on the right track.

Which ever script you have purchased, if you need to upgrade to a professional service provider who acts on their promises and is committed to their customers, get in touch.

Discounted Licenses
I will give you a 30% discount on any product if you already own a valid license from Jerone. Get in touch for more.

Database Migration
If you already have an established site and want to upgrade to one of my products, I will analyse your site database and determine whether I can migrate the data from your current setup to one of my products. Get in touch for more.

Software Refugee Terms
Due to the attempted abuse of my refugee claims, I have needed to introduce a number of terms and conditions - don't worry, if you are a legitimate refugee you will have no problems!

- proof that you have a valid license is required
(ie. customer area login details, screen shots, email receipts)

- the software cannot be free open source

Re: Beware of vegastechnology/Jerone/Yarron alias conman
Posted by: Badsoftware (
Date: March 9, 2010 02:02PM

Can we please see a sample of your products? How do we know that you are not just another Jeroen peddling bad software?

Help! I'm a Software Refugee and I Need Sanctuary From Jerone Puttemans of VegasTechnology.US
Posted by: onready (
Date: March 9, 2010 05:53PM

Canadian based for two decades - I'm showcased from, to

=> []

with over 50 projects and a 10-star average to-date.

The latest news: get a great entry-level deal on an Itanium2 quad, just off-lease, excellent high-availability web-servers.

Please take note of my user profile and the private message feature here on, if you need any further information, thank-you.

Re: Help! I'm a Software Refugee and I Need Sanctuary From Jerone Puttemans of VegasTechnology.US
Posted by: VinceInVail (
Date: March 9, 2010 06:01PM

Oh boy!!! Here we go again everyone.

There is no information in your StartCasino user profile. You have not provided any way for us to see your terrific software (as requested) but rather are pitching the sale of servers. Thank you for providing us a link to your Scriptlance reviews. This one was very interesting.

Online Betting Sportsbook 5/30/2008 Closed N/A

Review: Paid him or his company "", "" in full but never received the script. Showed me a phone bill of $360.00 in april that dated back in Feburary and stated that I must pay it to get the script. Didn't even tell me that he charges phone technical support and assumes that I suppose to know that. I have to call up my bank to disrupt the charges and now an investigation is in progress. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!

Help! I'm a Software Refugee and I Need Sanctuary From Jerone Puttemans of VegasTechnology.US
Posted by: onready (
Date: March 9, 2010 06:17PM

I think Vince missed my posting in this forum for a free download of an entire poker platform 199MB, including full source, with both the download client and the flash client.

Re: Help! I'm a Software Refugee and I Need Sanctuary From Jerone Puttemans of VegasTechnology.US
Posted by: VinceInVail (
Date: March 9, 2010 06:46PM

Oh I remember seeing that now. I thought that you were providing Jeroen's software for free. You are saying that this is your proprietary software that you were giving away?

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