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Posted by: MarkJ (
Date: September 16, 2002 02:25AM

As many of you know, the bingo market is starting to grow. The good news is that it's much less competitive than the casino market.

If you are looking to get into the online bingo affiliate market, one of the simplest ones to utilise, is Cyberbingonetwork []. It's the affiliate arm of, probably the largest bingo site out there. Plus they are very reliable in terms of payouts. It's not just links/banners etc but you actually build your own site. You get a frameset to personalise on your domain and the central part of the page is delivered from their servers. I've had affiliate accounts with them since April 2000 and apart from some glitches in the software when tracking wasn't right (they back dated the error payments) they are very reliable.

Support from their Affiliate Manager is not too bad but you have to badger them sometimes. They have also just changed their commission scheme to 15% of deposit for lifetime, which is quite competitive in the market.

Really they are the only guys who do an off-the shelf affiliate site for you for your domain. All the others are simply banner links schemes.

One of my domains that I use for the Cyberbingo affiliate system is coming up for renewal, as is the hosting. I'm looking to sell.

The site is built, it's listed in all the bingo directories plus things like, it's linked to all the major (and some minor) bingo ranking sites and it's been regularly hand-submitted to all the search engines on a regular basis. So all the hard work has been done and it's got traffic coming already. Revenue has been ok on it but could be much, much better. (I Know cos my other account really pulls).

I'm selling it simply because it's slipped down my list of priorities (as other 'brilliant' ideas pop into my mind... you know how it is - more ideas and domains than time!). Because it's slipped down my list of priorities, it doesn't get the attention it deserves. No other reason for selling now other than the domain and the hosting are up for renewal.

Anyone interested either post here or PM me.

PS Cyberbingonetwork are not taking a new accounts at the moment so this is the only way to get an account with them.


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