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Date: November 16, 2013 06:07PM

Brief introductory note; My name is Sam Smolkin, currently residing in Hollywood, Florida. Invented and Patented a new innovative Internet Value Transfer System that offers a safe secure, payment solution for all E-tailing, as well as for “Hi-Risk” (HR) sites; a Biometric Smart Card Closed System (competitively priced). No Charge Backs, No Credit Cards, No Identity Theft. Sending this document to you and your Company was not done by random selection, but rather as a result of diligent research.

Currently processing HR transactions costs any where from 4.5% to 11.5% (not per annum, per transaction), and in some cases higher, depending upon volume, and number of charge backs. Additionally there is a constant scurrying around to find non-coded cards, and new avenues for processing said payments, not to mention identity theft. Current estimates for revenues from internet gambling sites alone, is in excess of $15 Billion. Adult sites, and online Pharmacies produce an additional $1.5 Billion.What percentage of that market can we capture offering 4%-6% processing Fees?

As for “normal” E-tailing, studies have indicated that 50% of potential sales (items placed in Shopping Carts) fail to materialize at Checkout, when apprehensive purchasers are prompted to enter Credit Card info online at encrypted web pages, which is then stored in Merchant’s Server. Today, the Public is very much aware of the extremely intrusive spyware and malware that exists, and how easily a “Keylogger” can be placed” in their computers, as well as the hacking of a Merchant’s Server. Furthermore higher fees are charged for transactions online, than for a purchase where the card is swiped on point of sale device. I may be able to offer a solution that could possibly salvage much of that sales potential. Seeking partner(s) and/or investor(s)

To sum it up, If you find any of the above facts of value, I would very much like to meet with you and discuss it further. My email address is: and my home phone number is 954-929-7161.

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