Posted by: Martin (
Date: September 15, 2002 04:29PM



Not Interesting? Thanks for coming
Interesting? Read this below

I have a Sub-Licencee including a Casino and a Sportsbook (2 web sites) for sale. Your hosting could be included too for one year if you want to be host on our server. You also have the possibility to generate many other websites to increase your visibility on the web at a low cost.

This is a huge opportunity to enter this lucrative gambling industry fastly. Our company has over 60 websites of Sportsbooks and Casinos and another 25 are quite ready to be online. Our team has the knowledge in ranking and marketing too, you can see that one of our site; Basketball Sports Betting is first in Yahoo under the keyword sports betting even in the football season.

Newsletters service is also available and update of the betting lines. We don't want to sell to leave you on your own, but to keep in touch a future professional relationship if you want of course.

You can visit your future business at: []

These sites are waiting for you and your specifications to be upgraded as you want. You can see that the text on the Casino is not there yet and even the flash version. And some other details need to be discussed with you.

We provide our expertise in this incredible market.
The future is NOW!

K.M. Internet Marketing

Posted by: Michelle (200.162.42.---)
Date: September 16, 2002 08:26AM

I looked at your "Portfolio" at your marketing website. Every single casino links in for a download at from "" so every single casino in your portfolio is a web page, nothing more, linking in to one World Gaming software site. You actually think people here are going to spend 50k with you for an affiliate program that you're trying to mask as a licensee? Worst part is was just registered this year accroding to so your "company" has only been around for a matter of months.

Posted by: Martin (
Date: September 16, 2002 09:12AM

Dear Michelle,

In respond to your comments, I just want to clarify some points I might forget to mention. The Casino links at, because all our websites are under the same reseller ID and it's less heavy to put the software on one folder stocked on one website than to put one software on each Casino/Sportsbook (time of download). We own another Sub-licensee with another reseller ID which we're gone change the location of the software for the futur owner.

I think you are a bit severe when you say that every single casino in our portfolio is a web page, nothing more,...We try very hard to give differents looks and info on each Casino/Sportsbook.

Another thing, it is not an affiliate program, it' a Sub-Licensee and not a Licensee. And we're not trying to mask anything.

About K.M. Internet Marketing, you are absolutely right, this company has only been around for a matter of months. But the thing you don't find in your research,
is that K.M. Internet Marketing was 9096-8009 Quebec Inc. since november the first 2000 the date when we bought our first Sub-Licensee with World Gaming.

I hope I could clarify this misunderstood because it was never our intention to fool anyone.

As you made a lot of research, feel free to contact us anytime if you have further comments or questions.

Best Regards

K.M. Internet Marketing Inc

Posted by: Kathy (
Date: September 16, 2002 12:43PM

Hi Martin

I see that you have been in this business for quite a while. If i understand correctly, you already owe a sub-license . The one that you are selling is a different one.

If , that is the case , i would be interested to talk to you about this sub licensee. I have been searching for this kind of opportunity for a while now but it just did not happenned yet.

Is the price 50k negociable?

Please contact me ! We need to talk


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