Fare thee well Ted Loh - A close friend...
Posted by: yorktown (Moderator)
Date: September 29, 2010 07:45PM

On September 21, 2010 a close friend of mine, confidant and an icon in the online gaming industry passed away.

Ted Loh died of liver cancer. He leaves behind 3 children, the oldest 16 and the youngest 10. His wife speaks no English and is Thai (they live in Bangkok). Ted was originally from New Jersey and grew up in California. He and the gambling business were one. If we travelled somewhere and there was a casino, he wanted to see it. "I need to see it myself to understand what is going on" he would say.

Honesty and integrity were giant pilliars on which this man stood. He was a true friend and anyone who was fortunate to encounter him in person in their lives were truly blessed. He was full of life, liked his friends, and loved his burgers :-)

He loved the casino action. At the roulette wheel, 1 - 4 - 7 and 11 were guaranteed bets he made. Often he hit.

He was very well read and educated. He was a javelin thrower in high school. Thus the screen name "spearmaster" was born.

Here's and old image from 2004: He's second from the left. Alot of icons in the business were on the panel (Dominique, Casinomeister, J Todd, etc).

CasinoMeister has a memorial for Ted as well: LINK

I was in touch with Ted since he was diagnosed in January of 2010. My mother passed from Pancreatic cancer last year. Cancer is usually the death null. But with a positive attitude and aggressive treatments, it can be beat. He shared my point of view and I encouraged him to fight. He ate healthy (gone were the Burgers), exercised and sought the most aggressive treatments he could get. Living in Thailand, he had access to treatments the USA did not approve or allow.

He kept how truly bad it was close to his chest. A few of us knew better. I heard things went south for him in August (from other people) and everything was banked on one final operation.

Ted was a good businessman. He had money. Not alot, but enough to raise his family.

He spent everything he had in the fight of his life. The fateful operation came beginning September: it was $40,000. It was either make or break. I've watched him win and lose alot of casino bets over the years. That is one gamble I wish he won.

I'm currently in touch with his 16 year old daughter....she's in shock and is trying to get on. Most times she simply is devoid of words other than 'thank you.'

Debee Silverman is raising a fund to help his family. I normally do not get involved, but given the man, his accomplishments, and his integrity, his kids deserve a chance in life.

If you knew him, please do the right thing and help out his immediate family: TED LOH RELIEF FUND

Goodbye Ted.....I will miss you, friend. Fare thee well.

Marc Lesnick


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Re: Fare thee well Ted Loh - A close friend...
Posted by: Kim (111.67.98.---)
Date: October 16, 2010 12:48PM

RIP Ted.

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