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Re: Global Interact Casino Builders
Posted by: wintwice (
Date: August 6, 2002 04:09PM


I never saw John Dunn, never spoke with him, never wrote to him and never got from him any letter. I never contacted him directly or in-directly and I don't work for him.

My fiend runs his own Casino for which he pays small monthly fee, generates good income (not from air, but from his smart advertising campaigns) and really happy with this business. The company pays him every day 50% of his Casino revenue and his players also get great gambling service.

There is small fee to own Casino that is available immediately for the operations, so what have you got to lose by trying it?

I thought that this information may help other people to save their own hard earned

Re: Global Interact Casino Builders
Posted by: B (
Date: August 7, 2002 01:53PM

You keep talking about your friend, your friend, your friend......what about you? You also keep talking about what such a good business it is etc. etc. Do you own a casino with

Re: Global Interact Casino Builders
Posted by: wintwice (
Date: August 7, 2002 02:53PM


My friend's Casino has adult content, and I've purchased another one without regular content.
You are invited to play there anytime:

Right now I invest some funds in promotion, and believe to get the same return as my friend gets.

If you want to be informed send me your email. My is wintwice@aol.@#$%&

Re: Global Interact Casino Builders
Posted by: Webmaster (
Date: August 7, 2002 03:01PM

So your "friend" is ?


Re: Global Interact Casino Builders
Posted by: wintwice (
Date: August 7, 2002 03:39PM

1. My friend owns
2. uses Mycasino-Builder.Com technology
3. I don't know nothing about Smashcom.Com
4. I posted my message in response to D. message where he asked about Casino opportunity for $15K.
I just suggested him to keep his money in his pocket. And if he wants to run his own Casino -- the address is where he can put in promotion of his Casino $14,950 and get very good return.

In current market situation offers unique solution to make good money with targeted investment in marketing. The adult content of solution helps to get high possible ROI.

Hope this information is appreciated.

Re: Global Interact Casino Builders
Posted by: 1cnp is BAD (209.133.128.---)
Date: August 8, 2002 12:29AM




This is just a few of the postings about this rip off operation. The legendary Jeff Pearson (, who is now also renting vacation property in Wisconsin at [] is also behind this scam. Click on contact at that site and note the email address: ( the 33306 is his Florida zip code)

1cnp casinos are not random number generator operated systems. The software can be 100% set unlike software by Microgaming, Crypto, World Gaming, Inet, Poker, etc. Do not fall for Mr. Dunn's scam. He's tied in with Jeff, 1cnp, My Casino Builder, and the rest of the dirt. Ask any other company about them, even marketing companies who do not compete with this type of software company. Any company who works in the industry will reveal the dirt they know about this place. I strongly recommend you talk to the Online Player's Association's "OPA Mary" ( before ever considering 1cnp's big scam.

Re: Global Interact Casino Builders
Posted by: Mrracetrack (
Date: August 8, 2002 04:52AM

I posted here on Aug.4th about this scam.

No one even commented on it.

I was trying to be helpful.

1CNP / My casino builders is a rip-off
and a Scam.

Anyone that speaks well of this thieving
group is "part of them".



Re: Global Interact Casino Builders
Posted by: hakrjak (
Date: August 21, 2002 03:17PM

Do you have any information to substantiate your claims? I haven't read anything negative about GIC and I've done some extensive research on the web. Can you point to URL's or newspaper/magazine articles for refference?


Re: Global Interact Casino Builders
Posted by: Casinomaster (
Date: August 22, 2002 01:59AM

Here's a breakdown of the 22 casinos listed in their portfolio. Almost all of their clients have dropped them like a bad habit.

Casinos that are redirected to (powered by Futurebet):

1) International Bet
2) Phantom Casino
3) 22nd Century Casino (They even have the audacity to include an old testimonial from them on their home page)
4) Casino Experience
5) Champion Casino
6) Real Bet
7) King's Court Casino
8) Shamrock Casino
9) Superbowl Bet
10) Casino of the Orient
11) The Big Win
12) Galaxy Casino

Other casinos that have jumped ship:

1) Classic Casino (New design; now powered by Futurebet)
2) 100K Casino (Grand reopening this month; new software provider)
3) Black Tie Casino (New design; new software provider)
4) 00 Casino (No Web site at all; "under construction")

Other casinos that have obviously not been updated in years:

1) Planet Rock Casino (Copyright 2000 on site)
2) Jackpot 7 (Copyright 1999 on site)

Sorry if I spilled the beans, GI, but facts are facts.

Re: Global Interact Casino Builders
Posted by: Sam (
Date: August 22, 2002 09:51AM

You must not forget, Mr. Dunn's casino buiit by GI, also the owner/con of, and For all that do not know, John Dunn is the man on the west coast that has scammed many people in the past years, taken their money and never delivered. I have spoke with many that have had this happen...Watch out!

Re: Global Interact Casino Builders
Posted by: tandong (212.199.169.---)
Date: September 4, 2002 01:01PM

ohhhh ohhhhhhh

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