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Date: August 26, 2002 11:25AM

Does anyone have any ideas on starting a site dedicated to advertising the casinos instead of starting a casino. I would like to own a casino but am limited to about 15k to start. I was wondering if it would be better to start my own site offering advertising to casinos instead of owning the casino itself. I have found it hard to find a online casino builder that seems dedicated to its affiiates and sub liscenses.

What do casinos pay to advertisie on quality sites with lets say 5000 new visitors a month?

Where should I put the money?

Does anyone on this board own a casino that they are happy with?

Please respond

Re: Information
Posted by: Webmaster (
Date: August 26, 2002 02:06PM

Its called affiliate programs.

Check out the conference. []

You'll meet alot of casinos there looking for what you had in mind.

I also suggest [] - Great tutorial/hangout site.


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