Is It Worth It...
Posted by: FeCityMavi (
Date: August 25, 2002 10:17PM

We are interested in getting into the industry. I have researched for sometime and still find it hard to trust anyone. We are currently working on a plan that will take sometime to implement. In the meantime, we would like to get started with a sportsbook. Is the "FREE" sites even worth the time effort. There seems to be a lot of strings attched when it comes down to the "LOWER" fees. Which is the best to get started. And by the way, MyBuilder, no need to respond.

Re: Is It Worth It...
Posted by: Casinomaster (
Date: August 25, 2002 11:20PM

Granted, it's difficult to find a "FREE" package backed by a reputable provider that provides a sportsbook opportunity. There are some great "FREE" casino packages, however. The best way to make these deals work is to build a quality custom-built site for yourself or pay a qualified Web site designer to do it for you. It's also best to go with a company that will customize the software with your casino name. There are currently three reputable programs on the market that I would recommend.

1) GRAND VIRTUAL. They offer an international casino available in 18 different languages. Their software is extremely popular in the European market and you can also market to the lucrative Asian market. They offer a great sign-up bonus to entice new players and e-mail marketing campaigns are conducted under your casino name to your players in their language. Several times a month they offer strong incentives to help ensure player loyalty. The customer support is handled from a generic casino site address so the name of the casino powering your Web site is never revealed to your players. Commissions range from 25-60%, with 30% attainable after only $500 in deposits is attained. The payout is weekly. Grand Virtual has been in operation since 1996, they have offices in the United States and Canada, and they have a good reputation in the industry. The major drawback is that players from the U.S. and Canada can't play for real money. You can have your choice of two casino lobbies: A "Luxury Casino" theme ( or a "Tropical Casino" theme (

2) PLAY AND DEAL. The software is not only customized with your casino logo, but the playing cards also feature your casino icon. Players can be the player or the dealer and play against each other- a very innovative concept - or play against a computer dealer like at a traditional online casino. Play And Deal provides access to the names and e-mail addresses of your players. Moreover, if you set-up your hosting outside of their servers, they permit you to market via Unsolicted Commercial E-mail, something most providers strictly forbid. They also conduct e-mail marketing campaigns under your company name. The commission is a flat 45%, paid out monthly, and players from North America can play for real money.

3) GAMBLING FEDERATION. Powered by iCrystal software, the Web site and games are available in 13 different languages. E-mail marketing campaigns are conducted under your casino name. The e-mail support addresses are linked to the site, so no specific casino is identified as powereing your Web site. The Gambling Federation is the Platinum Sponsor of the @#$%& in September. The commissions range from 35-60% and are paid out weekly. Players from North America can play for real money.

Real profits can be earned from these programs, but you must invest in producing a professional, high-impact Web site design and follow a proven marketing plan. Some people complain that the commissions for these sites are too low, but you have to bear in mind that the software providers are essentially letting you break into an industry with otherwise high entry costs without any upfront fees. They also take all the financial risk if your players win, they process all gaming and financial transactions for you, they provide all the customer service, and they even help you market to your existing players.

As far as the e-mail addresses of the provider powering your site being visible, there is an easy solution. You can simply set-up e-mail support forms on your site that lead directly to the appropriate e-mail addresses without the actual addresses being visible. The form is filled out and submitted online without the prospect/player needing to access their own e-mail account to send it.

Those who falsely claim there is no money to be made with the "FREE" casino opportunities obviously have not done their research and lack the requisite skills and/or knowledge to make it work. The profits are definitely there to be earned. It's not easy by any means, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

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Posted by: Janey (212.131.224.---)
Date: August 26, 2002 02:58PM

Those who falsely claim there is no money to be made with the "FREE" casino opportunities obviously have not done their research and lack the requisite skills and/or knowledge to make it work.

Soon, recent forum member, you will see there is nothing to be made in the free sites. My hubby & I did 7 free sites over the past 2 years, and made nadda! Some had earnings, good earnings, but the sites wouldn't pay. Guess what? Grand Virtual is one of them. Guess what else? Are you nuts? Why would anybody want anything to do with that one? You have much to learn, shouldn't recommend until you understand how it all really works, and you'll need to be in this for a few years first. Yeah Yeah I know, you've been around since the beginning, right. sure. ok.

Re: Is It Worth It...
Posted by: Andrija (
Date: August 26, 2002 05:15PM

What is wrong with , i am getting in the bussiness with them right now. Please tell me.

Re: Is It Worth It...
Posted by: Casinomaster (
Date: August 26, 2002 11:00PM

I'm sorry you've had bad experiences, if in fact that's really the case. I don't believe it's true, however. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive with all three companies. It's easy to spout off with accusations, but because you offer no supporting evidence whatsoever, your post has absolutely no credibility. You're probably just a shill for one of their competitors, or else you're just trying to stir up trouble for your own twisted reasons. And no, I'm not nuts, but judging by your inane and ridiculous post, apparently you are.

Re: Is It Worth It...
Posted by: Casinomaster (
Date: August 26, 2002 11:06PM

Andrija, This poster is just trying to stir up trouble for her own sick and twisted reasons, whatever they are. There's nothing at all wrong with Play and Deal. They pay their players as well as their webmasters and they conduct their business in an honorable manner. You'll notice this poster offers no facts or evidence to support her false claims. Both Play And Deal and Grand Virtual are reputable and credible companies. This poster is obviously not playing with a full deck. You can't go wrong by aligning yourself with either company.

Re: Is It Worth It...
Posted by: Op (
Date: September 10, 2002 08:52PM


What have the gross revenues and NET profit for operators of these free sites been in year 1 and 2 of operation?

How much effort and money is needed to customize the site and to do marketing?

What are the legal ramifications of operating a online casino? If the operator is not in the U.S. or Canada, can he or she be arrested when s/he step on North American soil?

Re: Is It Worth It...
Posted by: Op (
Date: September 10, 2002 08:55PM


How much time and money did you lose on those 7 sites? How much was lost on site customization and how much was lost on marketing costs?

How much earnings were not paid by vendors?

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Posted by: MsEllaneous (
Date: September 15, 2002 11:21AM

Ask jay Cohen of


American DOJ Nixes online gaming/Sports Wagering
Posted by: MsEllaneous (
Date: September 15, 2002 02:08PM

September 05, 2002
American DOJ nixes online gambling

After many months of silence on the issue, the Bush Administration has finally made its stand clear on internet gambling. In a letter on August 23, Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff wrote to Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman Dennis Neilander and indicated that Internet casino gambling is illegal under existing federal law.

Specifically, the law in question is the 1961 Wire Act, which up until now has only been used to prosecute illegal sports gambling operations, and was not applied to casino games. The decision reinforces a previous stance made by the Clinton administration on the same issue. The letter puts an end to hopes in the state of Nevada that would see them become the first state to host legal, regulated online gambling.

The move by the Department of Justice does not take into account previous case law and opinions to the contrary, which have been raised to argue that the obscure law does not in fact apply to anything outside of illegal sportsbetting. A pending case before the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals still holds a chance of supporting that limitation.

Re: Is It Worth It...
Posted by: hoops (
Date: September 23, 2002 10:01AM

was very interested i what you had too say as i was looking at doing a customized package....

Could you give me any advise.

the only thing which concerns me is how much the site actually makes out of its customers as they mention that you wont lose much as a customer therefore my commisssion wont be all that much either

Look forward to hearing from you
Steve Hooper

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