Legal Gaming problems in the US - here is a solution
Posted by: Patrick Smyth (
Date: August 16, 2002 08:24PM

Become an affiliate website and earn money as your members play CrediPlay Games. Go to to view the games.

CrediPlay is a complete, turnkey solution with flexible packages to suit any website’s current development needs and requirements for pay-for-play features.

The CrediPlay Integration Package is the most versatile and scaleable non-gambling pay-for-play system on the market. It may be seamlessly integrated with any online gaming portal or website that seeks a new recurring revenue stream.

About Skill Based Gaming
It has been proven that online skill-based gaming is considered no different than golf tournaments with entry fees. All games in the CrediPlay system are skill-based and not chance based, thus it complies with State regulations regarding gambling. Legal opinions regarding skill based gaming have been formed by multiple companies, including Disney, and each has come to these same conclusions. CYOP Systems' skill-based gaming model capitalizes on the explosive pay-for-play market by involving both web communities and game developers to support the system.

Key benefits for websites include:

New incremental revenue stream
Expanded website service
No cost for integration
Increased web traffic
Increased website memberships
Offers Pay-for-Play online tournaments of skill to win cash.
Ownership of revenue generated from members for life
Instant game content
Increases portal community participation

For info, contact patrick@cyop.@#$%&

Re: Legal Gaming problems in the US - here is a solution
Posted by: Maria (
Date: August 17, 2002 01:55AM

Mister, you are mistaken, I do work in proceedings sir. You may feel you are legal with this game style, but you accept wagers, you can expect investigations. I would never be involved in your system inside United States Of America, until after authority investigates and releases you from legal proceeding. Your offering would have more risk than one owning their own online casino offshore. You should not accept wagers from U.S. unless you can write a letter to FBI and have them write you back saying yes, you can take U.S. monies. You should stop in the local office sir and talk to them. I do not think they will tell you that you can do this. Some lawyers may argue and say it is safe, but many would agree with myself, this I am sure of. You play with fire.

Re: Legal Gaming problems in the US - here is a solution
Posted by: Patrick Smyth (
Date: August 17, 2002 12:22PM

The Disney Corporation, Yahoo!, Euniverse, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are also getting into or are already in this business now.

We stand by our legal opinions, but respect other views.

This is the future of I-Gaming.

Disney statement not entirely true
Posted by: MsEllaneous (
Date: September 17, 2002 01:26PM

Disney's online wagering partner, is still not up yet, even after years of planning, and here is why:


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