Looking for a partner to open a online Casino/Poker/Sports in Venezuela
Posted by: VTL (---.dyn.dsl.cantv.net)
Date: January 26, 2012 03:24AM

Venezuela is illegal to play games for money in general but if itís a online game its legal.
Also the casinos are very few and regulated by the government.
Another problem in Venezuela is that you cannot have money to buy or play outside of the country without requesting it and so on.

I would like to know if someone would be interested in opening a partnership with me so that we can open a very professional gambling company here

With this we would be capable of negotiate the profit share for each other.

Also I would like to remind that there is only one online casino and poker website in Venezuela that isnít even professional,
so who comes and offers something better and professional will gain all the poker/casino/sports community in Venezuela.
We are talking around 8.000.000 possible players.

I will wait to receive replies of interested people

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