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Date: November 4, 2010 03:31AM

We have an online poker school that offers heads up online coaching tutorials online via videos. We currently have over 15 hours+ of content. Divided into 3 courses, our videos will repay its self over time if followed correctly. You guys can view a demo on YouTube ( [] ) to familiarise yourself with the product. The price for the complete package is $500 and it includes access to all the content and the possibility to talk with various coaches. Once the user takes a package, the membership included is for a lifetime.
We are looking for affiliates to promote this product. We pay as following.
For each sale that is made, 100$ we be sent.
1. For the 1st customer you bring in who makes a purchase you will receive full access free.
2. After the 5th customer who makes a purchase you will receive a 50$ bonus.
3. After the 10th customer who makes a purchase you will receive a 100$ bonus.
Super Bonus: When you bring in your 20th customer we will give you a $400 Bonus
Up to date, we have about 60-70 users, all satisfied and we are constantly looking to expand.

Donít hesitate to contact us in you have any questions; we are looking forward to work with you. Sincerely,


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