Online Poker Software
Posted by: Russ B (
Date: March 21, 2002 09:34PM


I represent a now defunct online multi-player poker site which was caught up in e-commerce troubles with both ePayment Solutions and Net Pro Ltd. last year. The site was up for more than a year, and at least on paper, was very successful. However, due to the cashflow problems that we faced, we were forced to close with considerable player and investor debt.

We are now looking for a company to purchase or license the software. The online poker industry is quite a bit less competitive than the casino industry with every bit as much potential. If anyone has any interest or ideas, please feel free to contact me at

Russ B.

Re: Online Poker Software
Posted by: Bruce (
Date: March 22, 2002 01:32PM

Give me some contact info i have intrust!


Re: Online Poker Software
Posted by: Russ B (
Date: March 22, 2002 02:30PM


Email me at and we'll arrange a phone call.

Russ Boyd

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