Posted by: Mike123 (
Date: March 14, 2007 06:06PM

Anyone know of any Opensource Poker , Casino , Sportsbook ,p2p betting software ?

If you do please post the links


Re: Opensource
Posted by: JerryG (
Date: March 15, 2007 12:25PM

There is one, but I'm not too keen on posting it in a public forum. The reason is because it has many functional errors and may as well have no front end design. I'd rather not see the industry flooded with thousands of substandard sites that are proned to having member accounts hacked and exploited.

Global Gaming News

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Posted by: arthursam65 (
Date: November 14, 2009 10:09AM

Dear Jerry G

I am keen in purchasing open source platform pertaining to the American Roulette, Blackjack, Jacks or better, Keno Master, Triple Chance Hi-Lo, Virtual Horseracing, some 4-reel-slots, 3-reel slots, scratch tickets and please revert back to me by email on

Warm Regards

Arthur Samuel
CEO of Tech Global Ltd

Re: Opensource
Posted by: Vic99 (
Date: November 15, 2009 04:37PM

Dear Mr. Moore
Star Play corp ( a Canadian Company has been developing gaming software since 1998
We offer a full selection of ONline gaming software. We will sell the software with source codes or we can provide
a turnkey operation where you do the promotion and we operate the complete system for you.

We are now in the process of setting up a Poker, Casino Network Our prices are very reasonable plus we are offering
a 50% discount to help launch the network

We have Poker, Casino, Sportsbook, Bingo, Trivia and E-wallet software availlable Our back office management system
has a three level sponsor program

If you would like to see a demo please contact me

Victor Marchildon Company CEO

Re: Opensource
Posted by: abishekb (
Date: November 18, 2009 06:18AM


We offer Online Gambling software's i.e Poker, Casino (Roulette, Blackjack, ..etc), Sportsbetting, and Mobile Casino.

Contact me if you'd like to more about the platform and solutions.


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