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Own A Casino Questions
Posted by: Makingcoin (
Date: June 24, 2002 05:06PM


Re: []

Is Winter Marketing selling sublicences of their software from casino-co? Or is this just an affiliate program masked by 'my' casino?

Has this company been around for awhile and does anyone have any experience with them?

Does anyone know of any other companies that offer this type of package? It is free and they offer 30-50% commision!

If I did decide to start a site up with them would i have to host my site overseas? Or am I just acting as a promoter for them? I am located in Canada and was wondering if you could recommend a hosting company to host my site. Would it be best to host the site overseas because of legal issues here in Canada?

Please respond with any and all details.

Thanks in advance

Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Webmaster (
Date: June 24, 2002 09:05PM

Again and Again and Again.

So many companies/websites offer a "Free Casino" or a "Casino for $500", etc. Winter Marketing is a MARKETING company offering an affiliate program for their casino client.

These are AFFILIATE PROGRAMS. <b> This is a completely different business </b> than owning your own casino. Owning your OWN casino is where YOU are in control of the business. In the Affiliate Program Scenario, you are NOT. The software section lists all the companies to license REAL gaming software from. You can also run your OWN affiliate program.

To learn more about affiliate programs, read the sublicensing section, or check out []

Affiliate Programs is also an evolving and very a tricky business. What happens when the affiliate software company stops paying. It happens - believe me. Want proof? Just go to the message boards at [] - ask the professor who's not paying today. So you will need to diversify your portal with numerous affiliate programs and hope that your percentages are accuratley paid and not "shaved."

And when an affiliate software company stops paying or "shaves" you, guess what? You (the affiliate) get screwed. Oh yeah,.....they ALL say, "we will always pay our affiliates."

If this is what you're looking at, then the casino affiliate conference is a must attend. You are either in the "inner sanctum" and chat with superaffiliates, or you're just another victim waiting to happen. []


Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Makingcoin (
Date: June 25, 2002 12:24PM


I appreciate the response.

Thank you :)

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Greg Foley (216.116.198.---)
Date: June 25, 2002 05:38PM

Their package 1 just gives you a website that referrs people to CasinoCo (iGlobalMedia). You get 40%.
Package 2 uses Avesta Design ( is a major reseller). In that case the software is actually customized to have your name in it, and you get 50%.

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Webmaster (
Date: June 25, 2002 09:49PM

Yes - Custom affiliate casinos exist. Windows Casino is another that does that - they are advertising in the SUBLICENSING section.

Again, this is where you own a website (portal) but NOT the casino. You have NO idea who is gambling. You are reliant on reports from someone else's affiliate software.

This is a completely different business than actually OWNING an internet casino.

ClubDice, CasinoOnNet, SBGGlobal, MVPSportsbook, NASASportsbook, etc etc are ACTUAL online casinos operated by an independent businessman.

Most of the people who come to this site are looking for that type of setup. That's what the SOFTWARE section lists, companies that will provide you with casino/sportsbook software to start your own internet casino business.

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Greg Foley (216.116.198.---)
Date: June 26, 2002 12:16PM

Does Windows actually do custom affiliate casinos? On their site they talk about custom sites, not casinos. They say the casino will still be Windows, since it's hard to customize a casino.

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Webmaster (151.202.169.---)
Date: June 26, 2002 01:01PM

It is my belief they are a Real Time Gaming Licensee and they offer affiliate programs through the WindowsCasino program. In essenc, you get a custome made casino that "looks" like your portal and you are paid as an affiliate.

They are also doing the "Play and Deal" licensing of their own software (see the SOFTWARE page).

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Makingcoin (
Date: June 26, 2002 09:50PM

'you get a custome made casino that "looks" like your portal and you are paid as an affiliate.'

That is exactly the answer that I was looking for. This is what I assumed was the case.

I am in the process of setting up my first portal site and was wondering if anyone has a few examples of their portals that are actually making some money.

Thank @#$%&

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Andrija (
Date: July 2, 2002 05:13AM

My portal is and i am making about $4000 a monh , but advertising costs me about $2000 a month, so i have $2000 bruto profit.

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Webmaster (
Date: July 2, 2002 09:07AM

Kudos to you. Good work.

Affiliate programs do work. Its a full time job and you need to keep on top off affiliate programs that pay and those that dont.

The problems lie when you build a base of affiliates, get a steady $2-3000 per month from an affiliate program, then you start to get "shaved."

Hence the need for a portal to diversify with numeous affiliate programs.

But for an entrepreneur on this site, most have the capital to start their own online casino (and offer their own affiliate programs).....That's what is best for those individuals, as they have TOTAL control over the casino.

For those that do run a portal - then the @#$%& is a must attend, as numeorus affiliate programs will be there.

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Greg Foley (216.116.198.---)
Date: July 2, 2002 09:47AM

How do you advertiser your site?

Greg Foley

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Lost Big Time (165.139.64.---)
Date: July 3, 2002 12:08AM

I lost big time with affiliate programs. I had a bunch of them going, including the so called "reputable ones" at and not one of them, and I mean not one of them every paid up. The biggest loser was World Gaming sites. What a joke. Don't even bother with affiliate programs man! You know what it's all about? It's about the casino getting you to pay for their marketing so you send them the traffic. You can't legally do anything about it either, because of the island country stuff. If they're in Antigua or the UK forget it! You'll never collect a cent. I spent thousands and had tons of signups, and tons of gamblers. Some in my accounts showed 30k deposits which I was to get anywhere from 25 to 60% net win. Not a thing man! Not a thing. Save your time and your money. Here's the casinos I did the affiliate program with, that never paid! NADDA!

Pyramid Casino
Cyber Sportsbook
AAA Gaming
Win City Casino
Luckys Casino
Online Sportsbook
Be The Dealer
Real Money Casino
Cyber Vegas
Atlantic City Casino
Virtual Bookmaker
Casino Heat
Geisha Lounge
Five Roses
Golden Palace
Bring Me Luck
Black Dog
5 Dimes
Colloseum Casino
Casino Prophet
Simple Net Bet

That's only some of them. I had about 100 accounts. No kidding dude, not one of them paid up. I should be a millionaire. Take the webmaster's advice, stay away from affiliate programs!

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Webmaster (151.202.168.---)
Date: July 3, 2002 12:18AM

Thanks for the info.

I'm surprised what you said about the reputable list at [] - The professor is a pretty upstanding guy there. You should let him know of your experiences. He'll look into it. That's what he does.

I've said it again and again. If you are a SERIOUS investor, to the tune of $500,000 US, then licensing software is the way to go. You will have TOTAL control over the casino.

In an affiliate program, you are in TOTAL trust with the casino to pay you a percentage. And "shaving" happens everyday in the affiliate business, espescially in the Summer when web traffic is slow.

But, affiliate programs can be profitable. The professor can attest to that. You need to be "in the know" when it comes to which ones pay and which doesn't.

Three sites for that are:

[] - The conference in the business.

[] - The professor's site.

[] - The Gambling Portal Webmaster's Association.

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Marko (
Date: July 3, 2002 03:54AM


I used to be an affiliate of pyramid casino program and I have never received a dime from them.

When you contact starnet they just teel you that you need to contact your casino direct...but in most cases they don't answer their emails and when they did they tried to sold me some story that they are curently in big problems and that I will be paid some day in the future.

I can't understand how come that all those starnet/worldgamin casinos are offering affiliate programs but they simply don't pay.

take care,

Re: Affiliate Programs
Posted by: Andrija (
Date: July 3, 2002 05:43AM

I advertise my site on and i have a one marketing guy , i gave hime $1000 a month and he makes advertisments all over the net , i know he put's my ad on and some other pay per click engines.

Starnet/WorldGaming Affiliate Programs - Never have paid
Posted by: Webmaster (
Date: July 3, 2002 08:47AM

Starnet / World Gaming affiliate programs have NEVER paid since day one (1996).

They are on the Profeessor's scam list.

This is why you need to be "in the know" if you do an affiliate program.

Starnet / World Gaming casinos are NOTORIOUS for NEVER paying affiliates.

Unfortunately, they are not alone.

Re: Own A Casino Questions
Posted by: rich (
Date: July 3, 2002 12:33PM

When you start a casino what happens when someone hits a jackpot you go bankrupt..I'm sure you have to have an account with win money in it.....???????

Re: Own A Casino Questions
Posted by: Greg Foley (216.116.198.---)
Date: July 3, 2002 12:37PM

If it's a progressive jackpot, all the casinos that have the progressive have contributed to it, so it comes out of that pool. The casino doesn't go out of business.
If you have other big winners, however, you'd better be able to cover it.
Correct me if I'm wrong webmaster.

Greg Foley

Re: Own A Casino Questions
Posted by: Webmaster (
Date: July 3, 2002 12:37PM

Jackpots are special, depending upon the situation. Micrograming has progressive jackpots where each licensee in the network sends a certain amount of cash each month into the program. If you win, like the way someone at Captain Cooks did, you promote the crap out of it.

Its an ODDS game. Name a Vegas casino that went bankrupt because someone pulled three Jackpots in a row. I never heard of it.

Re: Own A Casino Questions
Posted by: Matthew (
Date: July 3, 2002 12:55PM

I have a OWN A CASINO portal in use. Yes I am an affiliate, and yes I researched it thoroughly before I signed up. I have been pleased ever since. My emailed questions or concerns are answered promptly and I get paid promptly. I have no reason to believe they are shaving me, or are my stats off. Depending on my traffic volume I usually convert 1:150 visitors.

For those that are interested, please see how my portal looks:

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