P2P wagering
Posted by: Jason Tecza (---.sd.sd.cox.net)
Date: June 27, 2002 04:35AM

I am developing an over-the-counter electronic marketplace that will enable casual bettors to place wagers directly against other casual bettors, resulting in secure and accurate transactions, immediate payouts, anonymity between parties, and lower costs.

All marketplace activity will happen independently across a decentralized network with all players using a peer-to-peer software engine. Each transaction between players will be managed by our back end banking system, which will provide treasury and escrow management, depository and currency exchange services, and act as a gateway for interbank communications. I am looking to deploy this application as a standalone client that players can download as well as a co-branded application that will piggyback into the framework of existing P2P communities such as Kazaa and iMesh.

A decentralized online marketplace is the next logical step in the evolution of sports betting because it does not limit players by requiring their presence at a particular web site while providing them with a broad view of all available options, and is designed for a huge community bettors who are dissatisfied with placing wagers at a premium price in an unsafe trading environment.

My company is at the seed stage of business, having just completed a business plan that details the feasibility of delivering true market value to its customers at a significantly reduced cost, resulting in outstanding profits that are derived from corporate finance strategies as opposed to hedging.

I am seeking investors with a solid understanding of international finance, strategic partners with established alliances in the i-gaming community, as well as gaming software programmers with an interest in ownership.

Re: P2P wagering
Posted by: Kaushik (61.11.58.---)
Date: June 27, 2002 07:29AM


We are gaming software developers with experience in casino games.

We are very much interested in your business idea and would like to talk with you about the possiblilities. Please send me an email at kaushiks77@yahoo.com and then we can fix up time for IM chat or phone call.


Re: P2P wagering
Posted by: DoubleZ (212.199.206.---)
Date: June 27, 2002 08:24AM

I worked in a startup company that did practically the same 1-on-1 betting (focusing on games) and went down...got some insights for you. send me an email to: tamarzlounge2002@yahoo.com and we can set a time for IM / chat.


Re: P2P wagering
Posted by: tandong (212.199.169.---)
Date: September 4, 2002 01:18PM

35% of the net gaming

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