PlayersCasino.Com url available
Posted by: john b (63.165.160.---)
Date: March 19, 2002 03:01PM

I have a low offer for PlayersCasino.Com, but I do not want to let this go at a "firesale" price. The latest figures (February) show that it drew in 15.875 uniques per day (5,794 per year) completely unpromoted.

Please make a bid over $8,176 US if interested. At a 2% capture rate with a customer value of $200 (=$23,176), this presents a conservative estimated profit of $15,000.

Contact via admin info, or simply post a reply.

"PlayersCasino.Com" is the main url at the moment, but would also welcome reasonable bids for "CasinoGrande.Com", "ToBet.Com", "PCbet.Com", and "BlackJackPot.Com"

Thank you for your interest.

Re: PlayersCasino.Com url available
Posted by: Ron (
Date: March 24, 2002 02:33AM

Im am Ron Freeman CEO and owner of , during a meeting in Vegas an associate explained to me how profitable E-casinos are becomming. In that said I would like to invest in your venture, Call me at 404-441-4317 or email me.

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