- SCAM??
Posted by: Joe (62.47.213.---)
Date: March 22, 2002 07:47AM


I have ordered the CD from and
after 6 weeks I didn't receive a CD but a download
link for the package. I did a tour design for a casino
and need further instructons to get started but nobody
from plugincasino ever replies to emails.

Has anyone had similar or other experiences with them?
They charged my CC but I never really received anything
for it....

Any help would be very appreciated!!

thanks, @#$%& - SCAM??- Definitely warning sigs
Posted by: Webmaster (
Date: March 27, 2002 01:54AM

I went to the site......Looks like another potential scam deal...

No telephone - No address. Contact us leads to some form to fill out.

I also did a WHOIS lookup. Here's what I found:

Casino Builder (WN-D-93347229)
White Chapel


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Admin, Domain (18851513I)
Casino Builder
White Chapel
Kingstown, . .
. 999-999-9999
Billing Contact:
Admin, Domain (18785134I)
Casino Builder
White Chapel
Kingstown, . .
. 999-999-9999

Record last updated on 16-Feb-2002.
Record expires on 25-Jun-2002.
Record created on 25-Jun-2001.
Database last updated on 26-Mar-2002 16:20:00 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:


Once again, this person is hiding behind the net. He couldn't even give the phone # in the regustry.

Conclusion: This individual has something to hide and is possibly doing something illegal. That means you won't be treated fairly or honorably.

Like I said before, people really need to be careful who they assocaite with in this business.

There are good guys out there, and there are bad guys. Often people approach me to consult to advise them where people stand in this business. Associate with the bad guys and you<b>WILL</B> get ripped off.

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