Press Release: launches new Poker room with a hot offer for affiliates and players
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Date: May 23, 2007 02:57PM

Press Release launches new Poker room with a hot offer for affiliates and players

Expanding poker room owner/operator, Royal Profits, today announced the launch of the newest franchise of Merge Gaming (formerly will allow users to play multi-player poker, casino games and backgammon from within the one client without the need for multiple registrations.

The Royal Profits Managing Director today said “We are really pleased with the final product, and the features merge has built into the software.” They might well be too, with offering players the ability to see if they ‘would have won’ even after folding, and giving them the ability to rabbit and/or show one of their hole cards it really does have some fun features. “We feel the overall offering is superior to most others and this is why we have forged a partnership with Merge. We expect to be able to provide this network with some serious growth over the coming months, as we did with the Prima (now Microgaming) Network a few years back.” Royal Profits burst onto the scene in 2004 with the launch of Royal Card Club (a Microgaming poker room). now boast three poker rooms, each on seperate networks and each with multiple products from Sportsbetting to Backgammon. “Yes, we are very pleased to have such diverse brands now and we feel we offer the discerning affiliates and players somewhere to play, no matter where they are located,” the MD said. The unique selling point is the very high level of service they offer to both their affiliates and players, with highly experienced personal VIP manager and Affiliate manager at their disposal it is no surprise affiliates and players alike swear by the Royal Profits ‘boutique’ brands. It seems there may be plenty of truth to the slogan ‘Be treated like royalty.’

A Royal Profits affiliate Tony Barlow (A very well known UK online poker identity) yesterday commented, “I would like to say that during the last year I have dealt with dozens of poker sites and most of the support including the big players such as <NAME REMOVED> is to say the least, poor. However I must say the support from RCC (one of the Royal Profits brands) has been superb. I never have to chase them for a response and they are the only poker site that I have 100% confidence in to sort any problems.” is expected to experience some very quick growth over the next six months and they have a very solid offering to players. New players will receive a 100% up to $200 Signup bonus, entry to network freerolls (run daily) for one month plus entry into a $1,000 New Player Freeroll and seven $500 Freerolls. also offer freerolls totalling more than $130,000 value.

The Affiliate offering is very competitive and should generate alot of interest, in particular the pledge to offer the best commission on the whole network!

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