Question for Webmaster
Posted by: Just Curious (
Date: September 30, 2002 12:45AM

Is there a reason that the FutureBet topics are being removed?
These seem to be a legitimate topic, involving some real
issues, that I believe would be of interest to many.

Realizing that FutureBet advertises on your website, you
should at least address this issue, as the removal of posts
relating to this issue make it appear that there is something
to hide here.

I would appreciate your comments about this.

Thank You.

Re: Question for Webmaster
Posted by: Webmaster (
Date: September 30, 2002 07:00AM

Yes, there is a very good reason.

There is a thread regarding Futurebet and Global Interactive. I let that stay as it covered the subject. However, the same individuals constantly start new threads every day on the same subject.

This shows me 2 things:

1 - They are spamming

2 - They are trying more to hurt the companies in question and less concerned about the truth. NEITHER of the individuals approached me at the @#$%&. So I tend to believe their claims are false.

If they want to discuss the issue, there is a Futurebet and GI thread from a few days ago. I don't want to see a new thread every day or every other day on the same subject matter. That's misuse of the board.


Re: Question for Webmaster
Posted by: Truthseeker (
Date: September 30, 2002 10:51AM

The new thread contained a link to factual circumstances encountered by 7 Seas Casino regarding their dealings with Global Interactive/Futurebet. It contained NEW information that had no business being deleted. The other thread merely contained allegations, not cold hard facts like the ones that got repeatedly deleted.

The reason 7 Seas Casino probably didn't confront GI/Futurebet at the affiliate conference is because they have already confronted them in person to no avail. They've moved on to another software provider and might have realized the futility of trying to recover their funds. What proof is there that GI/Futurebet even attended the affiliate conference in the first place? That's a very weak reason for assuming the claims are false. The e-mails from Futurebet's executives are damning evidence in and of themselves. They openly admit to stealing their licensees money. What more proof do you need?

The fact that GI/Futurebet has not come on this board to dispute any aspect of 7 Seas Casino's claims seems to indicate that they are guilty as charged. Webmaster, you always claim that when a company doesn't defend itself against accusations on this board that usually means the charges are true. Why change your opinion in this instance? We all know the reason why and it has nothing to do with providing independent information.

Here's the link that the Webmaster and Futurebet are trying to HIDE from you:


Re: Question for Webmaster
Posted by: Gmoney (
Date: October 1, 2002 01:53AM

I phoned Futurebet myself........telling them I was a partner of 7seascasino. When I 1st phoned Dwayne, he put me on hold and told me that he will transfer me to JEFF, 30 seconds later he came back on the phone and told me JEFF was in a meeting. (OF COURSE HE WAS, WHAT WAS I THINKING) So I told dwayne, will Jeff phone me back? he said yes. I asked: TODAY?? "yes" SO i gave them 2 hours. I'm sure meeting don't last that long when trying to make trick other investors. So I phoned back futurebet, ask for JEFF and told them it was Fortune phoning. The secetary patched me to Jeff. I told him right away who I was. 1st think that came out of his mouth. Oh I was going to phone you back. I talked to him for about 30 mins. DIscussing if he had intention of paying us a dime. He said" Yes, when Starnet pays them" That they were taking legal action against Starnet. I asked him " When was the law suit filed?" He didn't know. Nice to have a PRESIDENT of a company not know you are filing a lawsuit against a company that should owe you a few million dollars. To put this story short. He was still trying to sell me the same BS! Forget the money we owe you, You don't have a pay royality fees.

Like it was written in the 7seas/global. and what truthseeker said. We have confronted them in person. IN TORONTO. and were brushed off. So since they don't intent of paying us. The only thing do to now is make them bankrupt like they did to us.
You are only a webmaster for this site, what if i confronted you about this problem in person. What are you going to do to help me? Get our funds that is owed to us?
I even phoned starnet. They don't want anything to do with GI. GI even closed off our casino stat from their system. So we can't help our old customer to get their PIN # to withdraw.

I don't think I was spamming. Each of the topic was not the same info. The only thing that was the same was the truth that GI/ FB is a scam.
So you think all this crap and email was false???? Why don't you ask GI or your buddy Jeff about the FORTUNE INC file. Did you see the excel file? That shows the outstanding balance???

So if I go to the CR meeting and confront you there. Will FORTUNE INC see any part of the money that GI owe us?

Re: Question for Webmaster
Posted by: Webmaster (151.202.168.---)
Date: October 1, 2002 07:39AM


As I said, the board is designed for entrepreneurs and software execs to communicate. If an entrepreneur was ripped off, this is the venue to warn others.

But you had continued to post over and over again on new threads your dissatisfaction with Futurebet. That lessens your credibility to others and makes my site look like its out to get Futurebet. I don't care which company in this business is getting blasted (including a former partner) - I won't stand for spamming. Period.

So just keep your items on one thread and I won't delete it, that's all.

Re: Question for Webmaster
Posted by: Truthseeker (
Date: October 1, 2002 01:05PM

Like I said, Futurebet's reputation gets muddier by the day. I guess another name change is in order. just added them to their "blacklist" and the Online Players Association (OPA) is going to add ALL Futurebet-powered casinos to their "not recommended" list. Check out the latest news on our goofy little friends:


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