Would anyone be interested in this?
Posted by: Kevin (---.gtconnect.net)
Date: August 21, 2002 01:46PM

Would anyone be interested in offering a customized version of IE 6 for your customers to download from your site, that would be branded with your company name, logo, button to take users directly to your site and also a keyword functionality that would enable people to type "yourcompanyname nfl" or "yourcompanyname lines" or "yourcompanyname results" etc. without the "www" or ".com" and be taken directly to the appropriate section of your web site? This is a new product that we have and I'm interested in getting some feedback.

Please let me know.


Kevin Day
Riskebiz Internet Services Inc.

Re: Would anyone be interested in this?
Posted by: hakrjak (---.scs.agilent.com)
Date: August 21, 2002 03:35PM

The branded IE is kind of cool, but I doubt there would be very much interest from the users. I wouldn't want to swap my IE out just so I could have some sports book logo on my screen, it would have to offer some real value to me as the customer. I can link to all my favorites easily from the favorites list, so the shortcuts probably wouldn't be much of a draw either.

my 2cents

Re: Would anyone be interested in this?
Posted by: OPA Mary (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: September 3, 2002 09:15PM

What does Microsoft think of this?

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